How to Register

GLAC Registration

Children between the ages of five (5) and fifteen (15) years can register. Any athlete may register with a Club on attaining the age of five years (under 6). Age groups are determined by the athlete’s age on 1 October of the start of the current track and field season.

The GLAC registration fee ranges from $160.00 to $180.00 per athlete depending on with which Club you register. The registration fee incorporates LAVIC registration, GLAC registration and a Club fee; and includes a registration transaction fee (charged by IMG).

How to Register

Each child wishing to register as a Competitive Member of the Association must have the application made by a parent or guardian, who will attest to all supplied information. The information is as required, from time to time by the Association

All registrations must be carried out on line through the LAVIC website and then selecting the link to registration page. Athletes who have never previously been registered follow the ‘Join New Members’ pathway. Any athlete, who has been registered previously, even if they have missed one or more seasons, must follow the ‘Renew Your Membership’ pathway.

  • The Registration Year is from 01 October in any one year to 30 September of the following year inclusive.
  • The Track and Field season is from 01 October in any one year to 31 March of the following year inclusive.
  • The Cross Country season is from 01 April to 31 August of the same year inclusive.
  • All Competitive Memberships lapse as of midnight on 30 September each year

When a child registers in the electronic system, they are not recognised as a Competitive Member until payment is recorded in the online system of the Affiliated Centre

Contact your Club Registrar for assistance via: Find A Club

Fully registered athletes
Athletes will not be fully registered until the on line registration has been completed and payment made.

To be fully registered for a GLAC competition event, the athlete must have registered and paid by 5 pm on the Monday prior to the GLAC competition event. Registered athletes receive a competition bib that must be worn to record results.

Try Outs

Athletes are able to compete as a ‘Tryout’ before paying the registration fee. Athletes wishing to compete as a tryout will still need to register online and will be classed as a non-paid member until the registration fee is paid. Non-paid members can register at any time prior to competing (even the day of competition), and the Club will then confirm registration before manually issuing a registration bib.

Athletes who have been previously registered with GLAC are entitled to only ONE tryout and athletes that have never been registered with GLAC before are entitled to TWO Tryouts before having to pay the registration fee.

If you compete as a Tryout, you do not earn points towards Centre or Club awards.

NOTE: Athletes who were not paid and registered by 5 pm on the Monday before any GLAC competition event, will be competing as a Tryout even if they pay sometime after 5 PM on the Monday but before the start of competition on a Saturday. Please note that if you have competed under your maximum number of “Tryouts” and have not paid the full registration fee by 5 pm on the Monday prior to the next competition day – you will not be able to compete.

‘Tryout’ athlete details will be entered into the GLAC Tryout Database and Clubs are to keep their own records.

Eligibility to earn points for GLAC Awards or qualify for Region events

All athletes that have registered and paid by 5 pm of the Monday prior to a GLAC competition event are eligible to earn points for GLAC awards, and their participation will be included in calculations for determining eligibility for region events. Athletes that participate as a ‘Tryout’ will not have their results electronically recorded, are not able to earn points that contribute to GLAC awards and their participation is not included in calculations of eligibility for region competitions.

Ordinary Members

Parents and guardians become ordinary members at the time of online registration. Other volunteers such as guardians or grandparents are required to sign the register of Ordinary Members (available at the competition office) prior to undertaking any Club duty. This is a LAVIC requirement for insurance purposes and covers parents, guardians and volunteers while participating in GLAC activities.


An athlete may transfer from one Club to another during the season. Transfer forms are available from the Registrar and must be signed by a parent or guardian and the Secretary of both Clubs and returned.

An athlete may not transfer from one Centre to another Centre during the current registration year except under exceptional circumstances.

Proof of Age

Each child registering for the first time must have proof of age sighted by the Centre (or Club) Registrar. This proof of age can be in the form of a birth certificate, extract of birth entry, infant welfare booklet or statutory declaration that identifies the child by name together with date of birth.

The Centre Registrar through the Centre Committee, may request, at any time “proof of age” to verify the age of any Competitive Member, despite every child registering for the first time having produced such proof.

Dual Registration

Dual registration is available for little athletic and senior athletic competitions. See the Registrar or drop in at the competition office for further details.


The parent or guardian of any Competitive Member whose details as recorded on the Competitive Membership records have changed has an obligation to advise the Association/Centre/Club of the changes.






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