T&F – General Competition Rules & Regulations

Clothing, Footwear and Registration Patches

  1. Correct uniform must be worn for all GLAC competition from the first day of the season (Club uniform details can be found in the handbook under Club Details). Tryouts are not restricted by the uniform of any particular Club.
  2. The registration chest patch must be securely attached to the front of the shirt, with name and registration number clearly visible. This rule will be strictly enforced.
  3. Suitable sporting footwear must be worn for all events.
  4. Spikes may be worn by athletes in under 12 to 16 competitions in laned track events, the javelin and all jumping events.
  5. Under 14, 15 and 16 athletes may wear spikes for 800 m and 1500 m events.
  6. Athletes must carry their spikes to all events.
  7. Athletes wearing spikes are expected to exercise due care at all times.
  8. Spikes are to have a maximum length of 7 mm, and be conical in shape – no needle spikes allowed. Please seek advice if you are unsure.
  9. Shorts worn in walks must be at least 10 cm above the knees.

General Behaviour and Conduct

  1. Only event officials, competing athletes, Committee Members and under 8 Club age-group managers (accompanying athletes) are allowed in the centre arena.
  2. Barracking from inside the track boundary may result in disqualification of the athlete so is not encouraged.
  3. The Chief Official at an event and the GLAC Committee appointed Coaching Panel are the only people permitted to provide coaching for athletes during competition.
  4. Athletes must not cross the front or back straights at any time. Access to the central arena is marked by cones at each end of the front and back straights.
  5. Nobody is permitted on the arena between the fence and the front straight.
  6. Spectators are not permitted within 10 metres of the finish line or 1 meter of the track on the back straight.
  7. Sitting or walking in the gutter on the back straight is not permitted.
  8. Unsupervised use of any equipment on competition days is not permitted.
  9. Misconduct and contravention of the codes of behaviour can lead to suspension or disqualification from competition. Any GLAC Committee Member or Chief Official has the right to discipline an athlete. A copy of the procedures for dealing with disputes and code of behaviour breaches can be obtained from the GLAC Committee, Club Secretaries or the Competition Office.
  10. Any disputes regarding the conduct or result of an event should be directed to the GLAC Committee (preferably the President, Vice-President or Secretary) by a Club representative. At no time are parents or Club officials to approach event officials.
  11. Ball games of any description are not permitted whilst competition is in progress. All balls will be confiscated. Likewise use of bikes, scooters and skateboards in the venue is not permitted under JLFMC and City of Greater Geelong guidelines.
  12. Climbing trees, fences, buildings and equipment is strictly prohibited.
  13. Smoking and the consumption of alcohol within the confines of John Landy Field is prohibited during GLAC competition days.


  1. Protests will only be allowed at meetings where a track or field referee has been appointed, i.e. Championships or Open Days.
  2. Any protest must be in writing and lodged by the team manager with the competition manager within 15 minutes of completion of the event.

Competition Regulations

LAVic Competition Rules (Regulation 8) 2015-16

Little Athletics competitions in Victoria are conducted in accordance with the Competition Rules of the IAAF currently in force with modifications provided for in these Rules.

Where it has been decided the IAAF Rules are not indicative or correct for athletes in the age groups covered by LAVic, the IAAF Rule or part thereof has been rewritten to reflect the nature and abilities of athletes in the various age groups.

There are also a number of Rules relating to State Championships and their processes, which are not covered by IAAF.

Further information is available at:  http://lavic.com.au/Competition/Rules-Regulations

The Geelong Little Athletics Centre Track and Field season is conducted under a series of Competition Regulations based on those used for the LAVic Region and State Championships, which in turn are based on those issued by the IAAF. It is not possible, nor practical, to enforce all of the LAVic regulations at Centre level, so the regulations are used as a guide for Centre competition, adhering to them wherever practical. The events athletes may compete in are listed in the Programs (1-3) at the beginning of the handbook.






The Nine affiliated Clubs of Geelong Little Athletics: